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The Washington Advocates firm is based in Seattle and serves the entire State of Washington. The law practice consists of a group of experienced personal injury lawyers who are available 24/7 to help victims. Clients may reach Advocates attorneys on their cell phones or by calling their office.
Personal injury cases the firm handles include:

Individuals and families who are dealing with a personal injury may contact the Washington Advocates for a free case evaluation.

You’ve had an accident, and the stress is mounting. So are your medical bills. Unfortunately, your finances are dwindling due to injury-related time off work. You may be wondering what you can do to get back on your feet, both physically and financially. Fortunately, there is something you can do. You can hire a personal injury attorney. A lawyer well-versed in accident claims can do a number of things to assist you during this stressful time.

1. We Will Protect Your Interests

One of the most important things an attorney can do for you right now is to act as an advocate for you when dealing with the insurance companies. These companies are looking out for their bottom line, not your health and welfare. Obtain a lawyer and ensure that someone is at bat and looking out for you and your rights.

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Our Personal Injury Lawyers

A legal battle is the last thing that you want to get involved in. If only everyone could live by the philosophy, “Let’s just get along.”  Unfortunately, that is not the way of life. Accidents happen, through no fault of our own. Sometimes no one is to blame, but sometimes someone else’s negligence or bad intentions can be the cause of your misfortune. If so, you are probably going to need help to get a fair shake. You can try to muddle through alone and go to battle against the insurance companies and the other party involved in the accident. Most likely you will lose the fight or end up with less than you are entitled to. This is the time when you should go on the hunt for attorneys in Seattle that can navigate the stormy waters for you.

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Auto Accidents Are Serious Legal Cases: You Need Experienced Attorneys On Your Side

Auto accidents can cause serious harm, including bodily injury and death. If you have been involved in an auto accident, The Washington Advocates can help. We help hundreds of people every year successfully make auto accident claims with insurance companies. 

Having a lot of questions after an auto accident is normal: Who will pay your medical bills? Do you have a case? How will you get by if you can’t work? What’s the next step?

The Washington Advocates will guide you through the insurance and legal maze to help you recover fair compensation for your losses. Since 1993, we’ve helped our clients recover millions in damages from auto accident trauma. We have handled hundreds of auto accident lawsuits, and our attorneys are experienced and dedicated to fighting for your rights and helping you understand every aspect of your case.

How Will an Attorney Help Me with my Medical Bills?

Ideally, insurance should pay your medical bills. That’s why we are all required by law to carry auto insurance. However, in an auto accident claim, figuring out whose insurance will pay is more complicated.

Washington state law requires all drivers to have liability insurance and personal injury protection (known as PIP). In auto accident claims, the at-fault driver’s liability insurance should pay for your expenses. For example, the driver who rear-ends you is liable for the damage and injuries caused.

On the other hand, your PIP will cover part of your losses and must be used before the at-fault driver’s liability insurance kicks in. If you’re wondering how to solve insurance issues within your auto accident case, contact us for a free consultation today.

When you have been injured in a car accident, the first thing you should know is that if you were not at fault in your accident, it is your right to retain a car accident lawyer and to recover a fair settlement for damages, injuries, missed work, and expenses you have incurred due to the accident.

One thing to keep in mind is that hiring an experienced car accident lawyer to represent you  with the insurance companies can be the advantage you need to get the money you deserve. Without excellent representation for your auto accident, there is no guarantee that a settlement offered by the insurance companies will be enough to cover all of your bills. The automobile accident lawyers at the Washington Advocates have the experience with auto accident injuries that you will need for effective negotiation with the insurance companies or other liable parties.

Auto Accident Statistics

In the state of Washington, auto accident statistics are tracked by a primary cause and secondary cause.  For example there are:

  • Distracted driver accidents
  • Impaired driver auto accidents
  • Accidents as the result of speeding
  • Motorcycle accidents

It was reported by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission that in year 2012 that a crash occurred every 5 minutes. Every 20 hours in 2012 there was a death as the result of an auto accident, a motorcyclist was in a crash every 4 hours, a pedestrian or bicyclist was in a crash every 3 hours, a speeding driver was involved in a crash every 25 minutes, and an impaired driver was involved in a crash every 2 hours.

These statistics can be very alarming when you and your family are traveling on the very same roadways. In order to protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation, you can rest easier if you call the expert personal injury attorneys at The Washington Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day. In 2012 the Washington Traffic Safety Commission reported there were 33,133 injury-accidents!   If you have been hurt in an accident, the expert personal injury attorneys at The Washington Advocates have the expertise you need to get you the money you deserve.

Auto Accident Injury Types

There are “typical” types of injuries that people get in automobile accidents.  But the driver and the passengers can sustain any number of different injuries, depending on their location in the vehicle, whether they were wearing seat belts, the contents of the vehicle, the size of the vehicle, and the type of accident. Some of the more common injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • TBI or traumatic brain injury and concussions
  • Lacerations or Cuts
  • Broken Bones or Fractures
  • Internal Organ Injuries
  • Spine, Back, and Neck Injuries

Some of the more common auto accident types that cause injuries to both the driver and occupants include head on collisions, roll over auto accidents, rear-end collisions, side impact or T-bone accidents, sideswipes, single car accidents, and multi-vehicle pile ups. Some accidents don’t cause serious injuries or extensive damage to the vehicles involved. The auto accident injury lawyers at the Washington Advocates have experience handling all different types of vehicle accidents and injuries, if you have been injured in an auto accident, contact The Washington Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day NOW!  

Attorney Fees: Contingency Fee Promise

If you are considering hiring a personal injury attorney, one common question regarding retaining representation is the associated cost for their services. At the Washington Advocates, our attorneys work on what is referred to as a contingency fee. At The Washington Advocates there are never any attorney fees for advice, consultation, or case evaluation. If you choose to retain the Advocates as your personal injury law firm, our attorneys are only paid if we win your case or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We have adopted this structure for our auto accident attorney fees to remove the financial risk in choosing the Advocates as your personal injury law firm.

While many different law firms handle a wide variety of cases from criminal defense to family law, the Advocates specialize in personal injury law. This means that not only have we removed the financial risk in retaining our auto accident lawyers, but when you choose the Advocates you have a skilled and experienced lawyer that specializes in personal injuries defending your rights, negotiating and litigating on your behalf, an advocate of your case, and a team dedicated to getting you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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